Top five lawmakers in mutual fund gains

In 2014 Representative Dewayne Burns could have netted up to $184,995 in mutual fund gains according to a review of the latest personal financial statements on file with the Texas Ethics Commission. There is one major problem with this figure and all conclusions drawn from current personal financial disclosure filings: instead of giving specific, accurate…

  • method

    Evergreen: Methadone

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    To say western government is mortally hooked on spending is true, but not as true as another statement: western government is hooked on power, growing government-granted fiefdoms is how power is increased, and giving the fiefdoms more money is how you grow them. See the difference? The power is the point. Spending is just how…

  • reality_narrow

    Evergreen: Conservatives, moderates, transparency, “No Labels”

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    Originally published March 10, 2011. Conservative uprisings are transparency uprisings. They happen when the special interest groups who rent the government overplay their hand. During a conservative transparency uprising, government is inspected more closely than usual. After all, discerning the problem and the solution first requires naming all the moving parts. In response to increased…

  • texas-scorecards

    Evergreen: Texas liberals want Texans to unilaterally disarm

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    Originally published January 17, 2012. Scorecard criticism is a liberal trick designed to make the people of Texas unilaterally disarm. Why does the American experiment work? Americans are citizen-rulers. There is nothing more distinctive about our national experiment. The experiment has only worked because we’ve been able to find ways around the logistical problems inherent…

  • Battleground Texas losing

    The Magic is gone

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    The word from Battleground Texas is that the group is suffering more in a long string of departures. The state of Battleground Texas is the state of Obama’s magic without the institutional power he has in DC. That is, expired. Obama tingled his last leg a very long time ago, and the trendy symbol of…

  • tom-mechler-anti-transparency

    Tom Mechler, anti-transparency reactionary

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    Speaking this week to a group in Austin, Tom Mechler said he favors Republican Representatives to select the House Speaker in caucus, which is a secret vote. This would effectively put lobbyists in charge of choosing Texas’ speaker again, a state of affairs the Free Market Foundation changed roughly 5 years ago with a landmark…

  • flood

    Will crony GOP use “flood the field” strategy in speaker race too?

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    The establishment GOP is good at recruiting candidates to win a piece of the support so they can funnel endorsements to the GOP’s main guy later. Most of these candidates will run as conservatives, but they will receive much more flattering coverage than the real conservatives whom the establishment is truly worried about. This divide-and-conquer…

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