Upcoming TEC appointments

Last week, conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan won a second dismissal of a 2014 ruling by the Texas Ethics Commission. A prior judge who also ruled against the TEC was removed from the case after it was discovered that he followed Sullivan on Twitter. It’s been reported that the TEC immediately appealed the ruling. Additionally,…

Agendawise announces new board member

AUSTIN, TX – Agendawise is excited to announce Tracy Marshall as Chairwoman of our Board of Directors. Originally from North Carolina, Marshall holds a law degree from Duke University. Upon graduation, she moved to Dallas where she practiced law before moving up to raise four children. Marshall helped found the grammar school at Midland Classical…

Post-defection Laubenberg

Last week Rep. Jodie Laubenberg held her first substantive hearing as chair of the House Elections Committee. A measure to remove straight ticket voting by Rep. Ron Simmons was left pending at the meeting. Read Sorting out Simmons’ Bill for more. In 2012 rumors of Laubenberg’s defection from the conservative insurgency were perceived to be confirmed at…

Sorting out the Simmons Bill

Ron Simmons’ bill to eliminate straight ticket voting seems to have a fair number of folks confused, something that is politically useful for the ruling class.     Jason Villalba recently filed a bill to end straight ticket voting in some instances. He was very clear…

Michael Quinn Sullivan vs. TEC

Michael Quinn Sullivan beat the TEC again, and they are appealing it…again. Here is video from the most recent decision.

Weed Week

Efforts to mainstream marijuana in Texas via public policy appear to be going nowhere this session. This week there was a fair amount of coverage given to the substance.   To start the week, Greg Abbott said that decriminalization of marijuana won’t happen this session….

House tension

The tension is showing in the Texas House. The two latest examples popped up last week.   On Wednesday, Rep. Jonathan Stickland put up a pro-life sign on the day Planned Parenthood was holding their lobby day at the capitol. According to reports, Charlie Geren, Chairman of the House…

Austin pretends at open government

It’s Sunshine Week in Texas, a week so-named to honor government transparency, but one that threatens to make average Texans think their government is more transparent than it really is.   Most articles written on the week hold up the Texas Open Meetings Act and the Texas Public…

Texas Tribune teams up with Soros, again

Trusted conservative magazine Human Events recently named George Soros “the single most destructive leftist demagogue in the country.”   Texans can thank the Texas Tribune for doing their…