TEC wants to take its ball and go home

In a poorly calculated publicity stunt, Commissioner Jim Clancy wrote an open letter to his fellow TEC commissioners, asking them to fold their hands and quit working until someone gives them more money and power. The reason? Michael Quinn Sullivan is beating them up with what they have now, therefore it isn’t enough. In the…

Netanyahu and the desperate TX ruling class

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress last week, reminding the American political class what leadership and honesty look like from an executive.   His speech was a teachable moment for the Texas political scene. Specifically, Netanyahu’s speech helps bring…

Rep. Aycock and his daughter

At the start of the 2015 legislative session there was controversy over the lobbying activities of Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock’s (R-Kileen) daughter, Michelle Smith. Aycock has tried to put it to rest, but the fig leaf is poorly fixed.   Aycock is Chairman of the House Education…

America’s will

Special interests in Texas are losing the battle to keep control of the legislature. To compensate, they are testing Texans to see how much illegal law-making we will tolerate.   One illegal strategy is for agencies to pass law-changing rules. Government rules are only legal when…

Busted blitz stammers on

Joe Straus went on record this week with a cluster of liberal positions rejected by the state party he represents, giving an early Christmas gift to Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. Patrick has been advancing conservative measures at a quickening pace, including open carry, campus carry, ending in-state…

Ruling class journos being asked for miracles

The establishment is working overtime to get the session back on track after the speaker vote weakened leadership.   During the 2014 primary election Texas Republicans continued to vote out moderate incumbents in favor of principled conservatives. More liberal Republicans are set…

Jumpy journalists

After the Boehner vote, Texas ruling class political commentators raced one another to market with their version of “the speaker’s race doesn’t even matter and you conservatives are only hurting yourselves.”   If their basic message of conservative self-destruction were…

Pojman’s credibility terminal

Joe Pojman, the principal at Texas Alliance for Life, has hemorrhaged credibility as a pro-life crusader through hypocrisy and misleading defenses of Speaker Joe Straus. Pojman’s group seems to have hitched its wagon so completely to Straus that they will mislead in order to defend him….

Geren flailing

Charlie Geren gave a good illustration of how flimsy is his assault against conservatives, particularly Michael Quinn Sullivan, in empty threats made recently about what he plans to do if Straus is elected Speaker. In doing so he offered more insight into the corrupt nature of his ruling class…