The Bad News Bears

By Daniel Greer | 1 day ago

People in power usually don’t have to tiptoe around to get what they want. Yet, the crony crowd in Austin aligned with Speaker Joe Straus, trial lawyers and gambling thugs have been increasingly resorting to such tactics.

The capitol was peppered last week with anonymous flyers attacking UT Regent Wallace Hall. Currently Hall is being persecuted for doing his job and in the process uncovering corruption and abuse of power by elected officials in Austin.

The Texas Tribune reported on the flyers burying the newsworthy fact that it was sent to lawmakers without disclosure. It’s always a sight when the guard dog rolls over and plays dead for the burglar as is the case with the government’s obedient media.

Chairman Dan Flynn’s handling of this committee is a conversation point with some real staying power. Recently, after a confidential report was leaked by one of Flynn’s committee members he and Co-chairman Carol Alvarado escalated their committee’s actions by punting the matter to the Travis Co. District Attorney.

We’ve recently written about Flynn and the sinking ship to which he’s chained himself. Flynn tells the Tribune he’s not worried about the politics of the committee and its actions. Maybe he should be.

And then there’s this bizarro quote from higher education lackey Jenifer Sarver:

“If people are allowed to abuse the public trust in this way without ramifications,” she said of Hall, “that sends a chilling signal to the people of Texas that appointees are allowed to run wild.”

Sarver gets things pretty impressively backwards. Hall has uncovered abuse by elected officials, and Joe Straus, Jim Pitts and Dan Flynn are further abusing power by putting on a show trial. Thankfully, the new wave of conservatives coming to Austin is more apt to stand up to a ruling class suited zombie and punch him in the face than they are to cow to rumors manufactured by an the establishment controlled media that has now graduated from hemorrhaging public trust to hemorrhage public respect.