Texans want conservatism

By Weston Hicks | 8 hours ago

We have nothing but evidence that Texans simply don’t want liberalism or moderate liberalism. Any attempt to blame the failure of liberalism in Texas on Wendy Davis being a terrible candidate is an uphill climb. Davis is not to the only prominent example of liberalism crashing and burning in Texas right now.

Anise Parker also thought it was the right time to put a left wing blitz on in Houston. Houston is the biggest city in Texas, and surely Texas is ready to fall to the forces of liberalism that others have succumbed to. Her bully tactics against pastors have now failed spectacularly.

Her attempt to allow men into public bathrooms with little girls so long as they claim to, as Shania Twain famously sang, “feel like a woman,” also crashed and burned, but is not totally over. It ran into a buzz saw in the form of Jonathan Saenz and a Texas Values petition and is now in the court system.

Parker’s pedophile empowerment is particularly unwise considering sex enslavement, fueled by the kidnapping of girls, is one of the most explosive issues bubbling just under the surface in both Texas and America. This is a state and national tragedy that badly needs some champions and is likely to have some soon. Meanwhile, Parker is bent on making it easier.

Parker’s shameful LGBT ordinance is in the courts and she has agreed not to enforce it until it is out of the courts. Until she withdraws this albatross of an ordinance or allows a public vote she will continue to bleed power and influence. The reason is Texans don’t want liberalism.

Leticia Van De Putte is a good example of Texans not wanting less-extreme liberalism either. She plays the moderate in a party that is controlled by the far left. Her opponent for Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick may just beat her worse than Abbott beats Davis. Even if he doesn’t, Patrick will have badly beaten her on a tiny fraction of the money Abbott used. Chalk Van de Putte up to Texans not wanting liberalism and wanting conservatism.

Finally, the Speaker of the House is on a several-cycle roll of losing allies. He claims losing his closest allies is good because it makes him able to make new ones with empty Chairmanship appointments. This is not only a particularly lame way to spin being toxic, it also misses the fact that the value of sitting in these chairs, or sitting, as in the past, as Straus yes-man, is plummeting. Texans don’t even want the light version of moderate liberalism.

And, of course, there is Davis, whose book sales would be bad for a book about advanced mathematics. Considering her current vast exposure and alleged relevance her book sales are a humiliation to all involved. She used to be peddling herself for governor but has been reduced to spinning her coming shellacking as progress. Jon Stewart recently pointed out to her that maybe Texans understand what she is selling and just don’t want it. Bingo.

Texans want conservatism. Texans like being different from the rest of the country. Demonstrating to other states that, when stood up to, the bully of American progressive liberalism is very beatable is a calling both important and fun.

Yes, America progressive liberalism is a committed bully, not a juggernaut. Texas will be happy to punch it in the teeth as many times as is required.