Texas Senate sides with Texas

By Daniel Greer | 14 hours ago

Monday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and a group of 20 Senators issued a letter to the federal government demanding flexibility in how Texas handles its Medicaid program.

Several letter-signers gathered for a press conference on the subject.

Since the inception of Obamacare, moderate members of the GOP have teamed up with Democrats to advance the act in Texas, leaving Texans feeling disconnected from their government. Patrick’s posture here signals a welcome closing of the gap between the will of Texans and the high leadership of Texas.

When the press conference was first announced there was speculation that Patrick and the Senate GOP were entertaining some flavor of Medicaid expansion as prescribed by Obamacare. This isn’t the first time that liberals, including members of the media, have gotten their hopes up about Medicaid expansion.

A happy trend, Patrick has again leveraged the political drama in favor of average Texans and good government, and away from the American ruling class and its reckless and doomed status quo. This is more than mere conservative fidelity; this is potent, strategically adept-conservative fidelity. Such skillful composure from Patrick suggests there is room between his current perch and his ceiling. Activities like these also build trust with Texans, and cultivated trust lowers electoral cost-per-vote.

Ahead of the legislative session, there was a brief flap over incoming Governor Greg Abbott being open to Texas expanding of the federal program. Eventually, the rumor was categorically denied by Abbott’s office.

Along with liberal activists, crony business interests in Texas have been on record in favor of Medicaid expansion. During the 2013 legislative session some Texas House members worked to expand the program, but failed.

Today the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a second major case targeting Obamacare.

Full video of the press conference is embedded below.