Leach, others with big business on transpo

By Daniel Greer | 15 hours ago

State Representative Jeff Leach and others are not only toeing the establishment line on transportation, they are putting their support on blast.

In the teeth of a recent study that put Texas roads at number 11 in the nation, Leach penned an Op-Ed for the Texas Tribune citing as evidence of our road woes, well, nothing. He declared it.

His support for this and more money for transportation is in line with the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce, a pro-Straus body committed to raising taxes.

The big business crowd makes sure there is an infrastructure crisis every session. Last session it was water and transportation and this session they have signaled that it will be de-salinization (water) and transportation.

While the business groups whip representatives into a froth over this type of legislation, elected officials ignore issues that consistently rank higher in importance with Texas voters. Illegal immigration and the economy consistently rank higher than crony concerns but are held hostage to grow government schemes.

This week rent-seeker Bill Hammond wrote a pro-transportation funding Op Ed of his own.

Countering for conservatives, Empower Texans’ Chris Paxton has written a series of articles ably describing how this bond is as irresponsible as most of the transportation and other infrastructure funding solutions proposed by lawmakers.

Texas lawmakers like Leach are advocating for more money going to TxDOT, an agency that has a long history of mismanaging tax dollars. They leak dollars like water but are never forced to repair their many holes.

The conservative option and responsible choice would be to reform TxDOT first and fund new roads, as needed, later.