Disgraceful end to pub stunt guv run

By Daniel Greer | 10 hours ago

Last week Davis, in show of extraordinarily bad taste, ran the now-notorious “wheelchair ad”. After the disastrous ad Texas political observers were universally wrong to assume she had hit bottom.

This week her campaign is issuing press releases featuring dildos. Davis seems bound a determined to force even her pundit cheerleaders to admit what a political train wreck she is.

Despite failing to keep pace with population growth, Democrats have recently been patting themselves on the back for their voter registration efforts. Also, according to the Dallas Morning News, registration in the strongest conservative hotbeds has outpaced growth in Democratic strongholds.

It was reported last week that in five of our state’s largest counties Bexar, Harris, Dallas, Tarrant and Travis voter registration has increased by 2 percent since 2012. This statistic is used to make Democrats feel good, but going back to 2010, population and voter registration figures show that population growth outpaces voter registration.

Most articles written about the registration uptick hedge with a comment about turnout. It’s one thing to get the signature. Getting people motivated, to the polls, and in the right column is another thing entirely.

There is more bad news for Democrats. According to Republican Party Chairman Steve Munisteri, individuals of voting age moving to Texas are more likely to be Republican.

Even the Texas Tribune has written about Californians moving to Texas as the “conservative migration.”

Tarrant County, which will feature heavily on November 4th, went to Romney 57% to Obama’s 41% in 2012. In the same election Sen. Wendy Davis managed to edge Mark Shelton by a 2.25 percentage points. Her anemic performance telegraphed that she was not likely to hold on to her Senate seat through another election, and she hasn’t. She instead chose to dive headfirst into an un-winnable gubernatorial election.

Davis-for-governor has been one giant publicity stunt gone wrong.