A tale of two rallies

By Daniel Greer | 16 hours ago

Last week marked the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the infamous U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion for all 9 months.

To mark the event, pro-life and pro-abortion activists held dueling rallies at the state capitol in Austin over the weekend. The two sides couldn’t have looked any different.

Two speeches, one from each side, help show the difference.

First, some context. Texas is massively pro-life, but Austin is the liberal Mecca of Texas. Still, the pro-life rally had over 1,500 attendees while the pro-abortion side had, using a generous estimate, roughly 200 attendees.

Now to the speeches.

Claire Culwell addressed the pro-life rally. In an inspired five minute speech, well worth watching, Culwell tells us her own heartbreaking story. As an adopted person seeking her birth mother, she was shocked to discover that she had survived an abortion procedure, but her twin brother was killed.

The abortion procedure occurred at 20 weeks. After birth, Culwell spent three years in braces and casts correcting the damage done to her body during the failed procedure.

This story is one of thousands like it that the mainstream media never reports.

One of the pro-abortion speakers, wearing fake blood-soaked white pants, a horribly misguided attempt at humor or irony, said, “I personally am a supporter of the Revolutionary Communist Party.”

This overlap is no surprise since the pro-abortion community and the communist community are both members of the “culture of death,” at odds with the “culture of life,” which includes the pro-life community.

The self-confessed communist did not provide her name. She tailored her speech to a youth audience, warning the pro-abortion youth must match the energy of the pro-life youth, who are confident they will make abortion illegal in their lifetime.

Life Site News reported in 2013 that Communists in 14 states were hosting “Abortion Rights Freedom Rides.”

Claire’s message, “Life is a gift, not a given,” is relevant for everyone.