get-rich-quickMontford’s get-rich-quick grassroots tour

December 12, 2012 | Blog

These past several months John Montford has been travelling the state, trying to circumvent the Texas legislature on the issue of gambling expansion.

Texans keep stubbornly (and smartly) electing anti-gambling officials.

Enter Montford, paid by gambling providers to paint a pretty picture for gambling expansion. He’s operating as a lobbyist here, though he’d probably rather be thought of as a statesman based on his time as a state senator.

The Texas Ethics Commission lists Montford as a lobbyist for PM Texas LLC, which is affiliated with Penn National Gaming - a horse racing company and casino operator with interests in 25 tracks and casinos in 16 states and Canada.

Can Montford’s get-rich-quick pitch get the grassroots to violate their common sense about whether or not slot machines are a good idea for Texas? It’s not likely.

AgendaWise has reported before on Montford and his push for gambling expansion in Texas here and here. Contrary to what paid lobbyists like Montford says, the numbers for gambling just don’t add up. Economies that foster gambling spend or lose $3 for every $1 they collect from gambling revenue.

It turns out, our parents were right. Get rich quick schemes are for fools.

The gambling expanders are using a mix of glitz, glamour, and gambling revenue mythology to sweet-talk Texans into a bad decision.

Luckily, we live in a state full of people that don’t need to be told that their common sense is a better guide than a paid gambling lobbyist.

Clay Knippa