liber-pleas-against-conservatismSen. Davis and Kilday-Hart show anti-compact weakness

April 23, 2012 | Blog

Houston Chronicle writer Patricia Kilday-Hart and Sen. Wendy Davis gave Texans a good look at how weak the anti-Budget Compact messaging is.

Kilday-Hart made a desperate plea for business leaders in Texas to stand up to Gov. Perry. This is a bit like trying to attack President Obama by rallying Planned Parenthood against him.

Not only is Gov. Perry pro-business, Texas is leading the nation economically after ten years of his governorship. Kilday-Hart’s strategy here is  a desperation pass to say the least, and from a writer who has been an outspoken opponent of one of the drivers of Texas’s prosperity, tort reform.

Sen. Wendy Davis stayed on message as pro-new taxes and pro-accounting gimmicks. Her argument against the anti-new taxes, anti-accounting gimmicks compact was about five words long – “this is a political stunt”, though nothing else she said indicated it was anything but anti-new taxes and anti-accounting gimmicks.

In other words, Davis really isn’t disputing what it is. The best she can do is call it a name.

The problem with people carrying this message is that they never advocate the reduction or sunsetting of any government, happily assuming all government is perpetually necessary and efficient.

Additionally, they consistently oppose things that would make government more efficient, such as basing public school hiring and firing policy on performance, instead of seniority, as it is now.

Basing hiring and firing policy on performance serves children, parents, and taxpayers. Basing hiring and firing on seniority helps the Texas Teacher Associations (Texas’s version of Teacher Unions), which in turn benefits grow-government politicians. The grow-government crowd's agenda here shows how their care and concern has everything to do with political power and very little to do with serving Texas citizens.

The grow-government crowd will continue to have credibility problems for this reason. Revenues collected by our state government are vast. Keeping them under control has benefitted the Texas economy and every Texan as a result.

Plus, Wendy Davis’s counterparts in states that have much heavier tax burdens are saying exactly the same thing as she is.

This early look at anti-budget compact messaging is very promising for Texans interested in continued prosperity in Texas based on wisely limited government.

--Kilday-Hart's desperate plea

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Weston Hicks

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