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April 10, 2012 | Blog

Moderate US Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison recently said, “I just don’t feel I can keep doing things my way in this environment.”

She was speaking of the recent growth of conservative opposition in Washington DC, which is especially hard on moderates, who thrive on being chosen by liberals as their preferred Republican opponents.

The same is happening in Texas politics. Texans are demanding the conservative agenda they overwhelmingly support be championed by conservatives, not managed by moderates.

Liberal Texas blogger “Eye on Williamson” even had to admit, “There is no safe place any longer for a GOP moderate in the Texas Legislature."

More and more, the liberal agenda isn’t the only one in politics with unapologetic, aggressive legislative representation. The less moderates can “do things their way”, the closer conservatives get to a fair fight with liberals.

--KBH post by Corpus Christie Caller-Times

--Liberal "Eye on Williamson" blog post

Weston Hicks

Weston Hicks researches and writes about associations in the Texas political realm, media choices, and political strategy. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at El Paso and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He enjoys spending time with wife and five children, reading, and playing sports outide. You can reach him at [email protected]