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john-carona-texas-senateCarona politics for Lt. Gov shot at tea party forum

March 30, 2012 | Blog,On the Record

State Sen. John Carona (R) engaged  in some self-serving reasoning recently at a Dallas County candidate forum.

If Lt. Gov. Dewhurst wins his US Senate race the Texas Senate will elect our next Lt. Gov.

When asked if he agreed with the tea party that Senate Republicans should choose the next Lt. Gov. themselves, instead of letting Democrats in on the decision (something Democrats would never allow if they controlled the Senate), Sen. Carona said, “No. I think the tea party is wrong on this one.”

His explanation? Party caucuses are political and Senates are not. Carona seems to think the Democrats will flood the process with non-political goodness and light.

The truth is, Sen. Carona is just about the right flavor of moderate to be in the conversation if the Democrats get to decide. He’s nowhere near conservative enough to win if the GOP decides in caucus like the Democrats undoubtedly would if they could.

It was a good try, probably good enough to have slipped by tea partiers three years ago when they were newbies.

John Carona on a caucus vote for Lt. Gov. from AgendaWise on Vimeo.

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