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February 7, 2012 | Blog

The Texas Tribune is advertising a new organization coming soon, posing as conservatives, to counter the conservative movement’s sensible demand for government to live within its means.

The group will be called the Texas Conservative Roundtable and will protect government growth using the entire moderate/liberal playbook: use education as the sanitized proxy to protect the entire budget from being cut or staying the same, careful to avoid any talk of the structural reform currently in high demand nationwide.

Six months ago AgendaWise identified a group called “Texans for Honest Leadership” who was running a conservative website, but was owned and operated by a lifelong liberal activist who worked in the Carter White House (on the disastrous wage & price controls) and also worked for Ted Kennedy.

Texas Conservative Roundtable is headed by Julie Caruthers Parsley, a former Solicitor General. Parsley’s husband Lee Parsley has ties to Texans for Lawsuit Reform, serving as TLR’s legal counsel. We’ve recently written about TLR.

TLR was crucial in reforming the tort environment in Texas, but has shown little appetite for any further conservative reform, seemingly pleased with having their issue fixed. TLR supports many status quo moderates, sometimes against conservative challengers and doesn't support conservative challengers. Conservative incumbents struggle even to receive token support from TLR, while moderates incumbents are consistently backed more fully and without delay.

Lee Parsley is former General Counsel of the Texas Civil Justice League, a pro-tort reform organization. His replacement as General Counsel is Lisa Kaufman, who is making the transition from the office of Speaker Joe Straus.


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