liberal-play-bookLibs resort to wooing Gov. Perry to liberalism

February 6, 2012 | Blog

The playbook must be very thin for the liberal media to resort to trying to win Gov. Perry over to their policy positions, but it seems it's their only option ahead of the 83rd legislature.

Austin political e-mailer Harvey Kronberg wrote a story for News 8 Austin framing Gov. Perry's options in the 83rd legislature as either "become a fiscal liberal to make this state work" or "allow the state to crumble".

Gov. Perry has staked his political legacy on running a government that fits itself to available revenues instead of fitting revenues to bureaucratic demands. The resulting Texas economy is amazing relative to the other 49 states.

Structural reform is underway in other states and will be the national tone set if our current President is unseated next election.

Trying to avoid such reform, the left is trying now to win the political support needed to pour more money into a system full of holes.

This piece plays good cop to last week’s Texas Tribune’s bad cop piece using the same message: more money is the only decision for anyone who cares if the government works.

Too bad for liberals and moderates, structural reform is in the air nationwide.

The capital media rarely takes a breath from trying to undermine the governor, which makes watching them trying to recruit him so much fun.

--News 8 good cop piece

--Texas Tribune bad cop piece

Weston Hicks

Weston Hicks researches and writes about associations in the Texas political realm, media choices, and political strategy. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at El Paso and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He enjoys spending time with wife and five children, reading, and playing sports outide. You can reach him at [email protected]