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December 20, 2011 | Blog

How does it feel to be put in danger of summer power outages just to raise the price of fossil fuels so that green energy investments by people like George Soros pay off?

In Texas, we are closer to this reality today because the EPA's Utility MACT has reportedly been signed, though the EPA is keeping it quiet for now.

During the stifling heat of July and August, when there were concerns that our power grid could not handle the air-conditioning demands, AgendaWise wrote about the EPA's latest attempts to implement cap and trade administratively (since it failed legislatively).

During July and August we needed every last bit of our power capacity. We were setting new records daily and energy experts weren't sure if we had the capacity to avoid brownouts or blackouts (energy grid capacity knowledge is always inexact).

In Texas, new EPA rules, including Utility MACT, will shut down 18 Texas coal plants, which will cost us approximately 11,000MW of power. Remember, in early August we hit our absolute upper limit, around 70,000MW. These rules will drop our upper limit under 60,000MW.

EPA rules will also shut down a Texas energy industry - lignite mining - forcing us to buy coal from Utah instead.

All of this is part of the wider effort to raise the price of fossil fuels high enough that green energy becomes viable.

-August EPA piece

Weston Hicks

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