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September 26, 2011 | Blog

Texas is a player in the national Keystone Pipeline saga, in which TransCanada is trying to build a pipeline from Canada to Port Arthur, Texas, through an obstacle course of enviro-leftists, otherwise known as “George Soros’s profit prospectors”.

After releasing a report clearing the pipeline of serious environmental impacts, the State Department is holding a series of meetings to take the political temperature of the pipeline approval they’ve telegraphed. The first meeting was held today in Port Arthur.

Soros and other rich leftists are heavily invested in the governmentally-created-and-sustained green energy industry. Corrupt green investments are a dud until oil prices go much higher than leftist activism has already managed to push them. True-believer environmentalist foot soldiers are working hard for the would-be titans of green energy. Their project includes blocking the energy industry, the lifeblood of the American economy, at every turn.

In this case, the pipeline is very close to an unmitigated good, even according to Obama’s State Department. Last week they released a report concluding the Keystone Pipeline will have virtually zero serious environmental impacts.

In truth, since history has unequivocally proven that the richer and more developed a country is the cleaner it is, this project is likely to have great environmental impacts. This is because this $7 billion pipeline has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs; the real shovel-ready kind: private jobs. It will also pump a million barrels of oil per day into our country for refinement.

Since criticism of the pipeline itself is a tough sell, given Obama's endorsement, many environmentalists have latched onto the oil sands project itself as their object of scorn. The Keystone Pipeline will transport Canadian oil developed from oil sands.

However, Canada has made very clear they will be developing their oil sands with or without the Keystone Pipeline. And why wouldn’t they? With new technology that allows the development of oil sands, Canada is the number three nation in the world in confirmed oil reserves, behind Saudi Arabia and Venezuela, but ahead of Iran and Iraq. Oil sands development will transfer serious oil clout, now overwhelmingly with America’s enemies, to a close American ally.

Shipping the same amount of oil to the US without the pipeline would require approximately 750 18-wheelers.

The stiffest opposition to this potential economic boom project is in Nebraska, with Governor Dave Heineman and Senator Ben Nelson both opposing it.

The Texas economy stands to gain from the Keystone Pipeline, along with the American economy as a whole. The State department evidently needs one last push to pull the trigger on the project.

Strong-America conservatives should be happy to give it.

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--New York Times on board, as well

Weston Hicks

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