caution-2The coming hazard you haven’t heard about

August 4, 2011 | Blog

The EPA is enacting unreasonable new environmental standards that will take our capacity way below what we’ve needed all week to combat the heat.

This week ERCOT has declared an emergency due to energy demands and severely reduced reserves, asking Texans to voluntarily reduce energy usage. As a result, many Texans have shopped in darkened stores this week.

Our state is tiptoeing around in our energy capacity upper limits due to the summer heat, approaching 70,000 megawatts (MW) of usage. Though virtually impossible to measure with precision, the upper limit is approximately 70,000 MW.

The coming disaster is the new EPA regulations will shut down coal-fired energy plants in Texas that provide 11,000MW to our grid.

Removing 11,000MW from our grid will put capacity way under we’ve needed this week to combat the severe summer heat.

If we exceed capacity, ERCOT must enact brownouts and blackouts, meaning no air conditioning in the summer heat for those affected.

We previously wrote about the unreasonable new EPA standards, which will leave our capacity somewhere south of 60,000MW, way below what we’ve needed every day this week.

The EPA rules that will shut down 18 Texas plants are called Utility MACT and Cross-State Air Pollution Rule.

Weston Hicks

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