rick-perry-david-dewhurst-ascension-3Ascension – bad scenario #2

August 16, 2011 | Articles

Yesterday we discussed the worst case scenario, with two out-and-out liberals elected by a lame duck Senate because Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst both resign from office after winning their elections.

That isn’t the only bad possibility.

Another bad scenario

Alternatively, if Governor Perry and Lt. Governor Dewhurst step down at the same time, quickly after the election, Mike Jackson, the speaker pro tempore, is next in the line of succession. However, he may run for Ron Paul’s Congressional seat. If he wins and all three men step down before any replacements are voted on, moderate Speaker of the House Joe Straus becomes our Governor.

Then, with Straus as Governor, the lame duck 82nd Senate would choose the Lt. Governor.

Straus has become symbolic of establishment Republicans in Texas who make a show of being conservative on the campaign trail but serve special interests when in office.

With Straus in the governor’s mansion, a replacement speaker from the Speaker’s team would hugely tilt the advantage to the moderate wing of the GOP, making the need for a conservative speaker all the more real for conservatives.

These contingencies provide many questions to be answered by both Senate and House hopefuls on the primary trail.

- TX order of succession

Weston Hicks

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