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June 15, 2011 | Blog

Paul Burka may need a vacation.

Yesterday on his blog he informed us he’s a true political artiste, saying, “I watch the Legislature as though it were a great symphony, one that I have heard many times, so well that I know what the next note is supposed to sound like, and when the French horn goes BLAT!, I know that it’s the wrong note.”

This is the kind of rare genius that should be appreciated with fine wine. We should all thank Burka for alerting us to his own brilliance.

He may have considered yesterday a good time to self promote due to the fact his old friend Evan Smith beat him to market with his own “Best and Worst” list for the legislature.

Burka reminded us how many years his list has "survived" (20), then vigorously described the blood, sweat, and tears that birth his annual list, just in case we were forgetting.

Smith's is a pretty direct challenge; “Best and Worst” lege lists in Texas are practically a Burka trademark.

In the same post, Burka called Smith’s list more of a popularity contest, while his list is genuine political science. Burka then walked it back some, saying Smith probably used criteria; still, he hasn't published the criteria. Let Smith show his work.

This is fun. Burka has long been the undisputed celebrity of Texas ruling class journalism, with very little competition. Smith is bringing the challenge fast. In fact, Smith might already be wearing the belt.

The fact Smith also wants Burka's icons is pretty severe, though.

--Burkablog post on Smith's list

Weston Hicks

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