framing-the-issue-2Tribune Left Wing Framing of UT Higher Ed

June 13, 2011 | Blog,On Campus

The left wing Texas Tribune ran another article in defense of the UT higher ed status quo. This time, UT regent Alex Cranberg was the subject of discussion and the story was picked up by the New York Times. The New York Times re-titled it “A Lightning Rod on U.T. Board, Regent Is Not Deterred”, a title much more descriptive of the article than the original title “Controversial UT Regent Hopes to ‘Push a Reset Button’”.

The article chronicled Cranberg’s supposedly controversial background, mostly based on the fact that he’s a conservative.

Not surprisingly, the article was silent to the actual controversy – skyrocketing college tuition costs without corresponding improvement – instead treating Cranberg’s appointment as regent as the controversy.

By contrast, The New York Times ritually includes talking points about problems in health care in ObamaCare-related  article with no corresponding discussion of the litany of controversial tactics in the passage of ObamaCare or the corrupt waivers from ObamaCare for high powered friends of Democrat leadership.

The New York Times’s readership has declined sharply in recent years, as more and more Americans awaken to the myth of journalistic neutrality to find the old media are all liberal partisans. According to a University of Chicago study on news sources and their audiences, the New York Times services the most liberal audience of any major print newspaper.

The New York Times sees an agenda ally in The Texas Tribune.

--recent NYT pro-ObamaCare propoganda

Weston Hicks

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