john-zerwas-obamacare-narrowZerwas and Coleman: ObamaCare Fertilizer Salesmen

April 12, 2011 | Blog

One of the major planks of ObamaCare is the creation of state insurance exchanges. John Zerwas (R) and Garnet Coleman (D) are out selling the President’s wares to Texans right now in the form of HB 636, a  Zerwas-authored bill.

ObamaCare is unpopular and being resisted in a number of ways right now, including repeal/replace legislation in the US Congress, the Attorney Generals law suit, and the Health Care Compact making its way through numerous state legislatures.

The purpose of the ObamaCare resistance is to keep its roots shallow so it’s easier to pull out of the ground. The ObamaCare implementation strategy is focused on extending ObamaCare’s roots deeply into the ground, so it becomes harder and harder for opponents to maintain opposition.

Every Republican candidate claims to be a conservative - they couldn't get elected if they didn't - but only some Republicans have undoubtedly conservative reputations. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is one of them. He has definitively rejected the creation of a health care exchange in Louisiana.

A National Review post about state exchanges says that “governors like [Georgia governor Nathan] Deal and Jindal know that any exchange can only serve as fertilizer that will allow ObamaCare’s roots to grow deeper in the soil--making repeal more difficult.”

The post goes on to note that fewer and fewer ObamaCare opponents believe state exchanges can serve their cause.

In an April 3rd interview on KXAN that felt an awful lot like an infomercial (skip to 4:18 mark), Zerwas begun by assuring us that business people like the state exchange idea. He tried to prove it by listing all the associations that back the idea. Associations are collections of businesses who’ve learned that influencing legislation can give them a competitive advantage. These are just the kinds of government-connected businesses that are likely to benefit from a government takeover like ObamaCare.

Next, Garnet Coleman, in almost painfully slow and simple language, told us how a state exchange would be “just like Travelocity,” making it super easy to see choices. It was reminiscent of Al Gore's famous "lockbox" droning in the 2000 presidential campaign.

A clear majority of Americans don't believe ObamaCare can deliver better health care or lower costs, despite the constant campaigning the media has engaged in for the President.  Even so, Zerwas, Coleman, and KXAN (with a plum lead-in and an open forum), followed the President’s lead in discussing great results and their legislation as if they are the same thing.

This is slick salesmanship from a network and two Texas ObamaCare fertilizer salesman, John Zerwas and Garnet Coleman.

Weston Hicks

Weston Hicks researches and writes about associations in the Texas political realm, media choices, and political strategy. He has a B.A. in History from the University of Texas at El Paso and a J.D. from University of Texas School of Law. He enjoys spending time with wife and five children, reading, and playing sports outide. You can reach him at [email protected]