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April 8, 2011 | Blog

Americans are being inundated with news sources funded by leftist donors, looking to replace the failing old media. The American Independent News Network, which launched its Texas branch last year, is such a group.

Initially called the Center for Independent Media, AINN is connected to high-profile left-leaning donors and has been connected to journalists with an agenda.

The most recognizable left wing donor on the list has to be George Soros. The progressive mega-donor through his Open Socieity Foundations funds the work of AINN and other anti-conservative groups like the now defunct ACORN, the Tides Foundation, the Center for American Progress, and the Center for Progressive Leadership.

Other donors include the Wallace Global Fund and the Bohemia Foundation. The Wallace Global Fund is run by Henry Wallace of Maryland, the grandson of 1948 Progressive Party presidential nominee and Vice President to FDR, Henry A. Wallace. Like Soros, the Wallace Global Fund fund bankrolls the work of progressive groups like ACORN and the Tides Foundation.

The Bohemia Foundation is lead by heavy Democrat donor Pat Stryker. During the 2010 election cycle Stryker and a handful of out of state progressives contributed to the work of Democrat operative Matt Angle’s Texas Democratic Trust.

In addition to being funded by individuals and groups with well documented progressive political involvement, former and current AINN staff had their leftist repoorting agendas exposed.

Dave Weigel covered the conservative movement for the Washington branch of AINN before joining the Washinton Post in 2010 to do the same. Weigel abruptly resigned from the Post in 2010 after the surfacing of anti-conservative emails he wrote. The emails were part of JurnoList, a communication forum for leftist activists including journalists, political consultants and professors. It was used extensively in 2008 for coordination and discussion for the purpose of getting Barack Obama elected.,Weigel was an active contributor.

While most of the groups funding the work of AINN and its biased writers are unknown to most Texans, they have been working strategically to hamper the advancement of conservative policy in our state and country. They're using the internet to influence the direction of our state, attempting to make up the difference for the waning old media.

Readers should be aware of these groups, usually sporting a “non-profit, non-partisan news outlet” self-description.

Daniel Greer

Daniel Greer is Executive Director of AgendaWise. Previously, Daniel worked for Empower Texans, a non-profit direct advocacy group focused on fiscal policy in Texas. He holds a B.A. in Government from the University of Texas at Austin. A native Texan, Daniel is a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church and lives in Bastrop County with his wife Karen, their children Griffin and Julian, Willa Lou. You can reach him at [email protected]