No crony incumbents safe, especially short-timers

Conservatives wanting to reshape the composition of the state’s lower house should be targeting all freshmen lawmakers who did not measure up from the first vote of the session reelecting Joe Straus as Speaker to the last. There is ample data proving out common sense. First or second time incumbents are easier to take out…

  • texas-scorecards

    Evergreen: Texas liberals want Texans to unilaterally disarm

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    Originally published January 17, 2012. Scorecard criticism is a liberal trick designed to make the people of Texas unilaterally disarm. Why does the American experiment work? Americans are citizen-rulers. There is nothing more distinctive about our national experiment. The experiment has only worked because we’ve been able to find ways around the logistical problems inherent…

  • slip

    Ruling class control of Texas is slipping

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    The conservative movement is humming in Texas, a fact that discomforts Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum – establishment Republicans and liberal Democrats. To spin their bad dream Tweedle Dee is cycling through interpretive lenses like Kleenex, each one tearing in two faster than the last. Tweedle Dum is staring at Texas confusedly, unable to process…

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    Evergreen: Conservatives Subsidizing the Enemy

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    Originally published March 22, 2011. There’s something morally repulsive about giving an interview knowing it will be fashioned into an instrument of impalement against you. Conservative politicians, leaders, and activists are in a habit that may no longer be necessary. Conservatives should consider not automatically granting interview requests to partisan liberal political operatives, many of…

  • rogers-texas-donor

    Kevin Roberts political giving

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    Kevin Roberts, based in Houston Texas, is running to represent Texas House District 124. Roberts is Chief Operating Officer* of the Lanier Law Firm. This is an open seat being vacated by embattled Representative Patricia Harless. With the increase in conservative power in Texas, Harless was seen as a primary target in 2016. According to…

  • matches

    Strike Three Battleground Texas

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    Battleground Texas, Barack Obama’s organizing spawn, lost another election in Texas last week, their second with Leticia Van de Putte. Van de Putte, formerly a Democrat Senator, lost her bid to become Lt. Governor to Dan Patrick in 2014. She lost her bid to be Mayor of San Antonio to Ivy Taylor. Texas Democrats have…

  • shhh

    TX GOP quiet platform activity

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    The Texas GOP is working to keep a low profile as it tours the state holding “grassroots” meetings to try to shorten the party platform, a move that would reduce voter power. Tom Mechler, the new Republican Party of Texas Chairman, early this year announced that grassroots meetings would be held to gather input on…

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