Crony Power play against SBOE

Conservative activists have recently sounded an alarm over an education power play by Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Houston). Huberty’s HB 743 would marginalize the State Board of Education, an entity relatively accountable to parents and taxpayers, by giving test material oversight to a newly-created committee. This is but one example of why conservatives must remain vigilant…

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    TEC wants to take its ball and go home

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    In a poorly calculated publicity stunt, Commissioner Jim Clancy wrote an open letter to his fellow TEC commissioners, asking them to fold their hands and quit working until someone gives them more money and power. The reason? Michael Quinn Sullivan is beating them up with what they have now, therefore it isn’t enough. In the…

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    Netanyahu and the desperate TX ruling class

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    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress last week, reminding the American political class what leadership and honesty look like from an executive.   His speech was a teachable moment for the Texas political scene. Specifically, Netanyahu’s speech helps bring…

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    Rep. Aycock and his daughter

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    At the start of the 2015 legislative session there was controversy over the lobbying activities of Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock’s (R-Kileen) daughter, Michelle Smith. Aycock has tried to put it to rest, but the fig leaf is poorly fixed.   Aycock is Chairman of the House Education…

  • cannon

    Fighting GOP civil war never more important

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    Grassroots leaders should keep an eye out for conservative movement people dropping their involvement in the speaker’s race in Texas. It is hard to imagine a time when the establishment GOP in America has been more virulently anti-conservative or more honest about their progressive intentions. The civil war is at its hottest right now. Dropping…

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    Upcoming TEC appointments

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    Last week, conservative activist Michael Quinn Sullivan won a second dismissal of a 2014 ruling by the Texas Ethics Commission. A prior judge who also ruled against the TEC was removed from the case after it was discovered that he followed Sullivan on Twitter. It’s been reported that the TEC immediately appealed the ruling. Additionally,…

  • handi

    Post-defection Laubenberg

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    Last week Rep. Jodie Laubenberg held her first substantive hearing as chair of the House Elections Committee. A measure to remove straight ticket voting by Rep. Ron Simmons was left pending at the meeting. Read Sorting out Simmons’ Bill for more. In 2012 rumors of Laubenberg’s defection from the conservative insurgency were perceived to be confirmed at…

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