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Last week, a subsidy-darling company named Tesla, owned by a major Obama donor and beneficiary, was given friendly treatment in some conservative quarters under cover of the buzz phrase “free market”. . “Local control” and “free market” are probably the two most popular. Both represent good principles, but as slogans are quite easy to take…

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    Taxpayer subsidized tuition for illegals

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    Last week the Texas Senate heard a measure to repeal subsidized tuition for illegal immigrants. Consistently, the number one issue for Texans is illegal immigration, and taxpayer-subsidized tuition for illegal immigrants is a magnet for illegal immigration. Speaker Straus has vowed to defend the assignment of our money to subsidize college tuition for illegal aliens.…

  • soccer-ball

    TEC wants to take its ball and go home

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    In a poorly calculated publicity stunt, Commissioner Jim Clancy wrote an open letter to his fellow TEC commissioners, asking them to fold their hands and quit working until someone gives them more money and power. The reason? Michael Quinn Sullivan is beating them up with what they have now, therefore it isn’t enough. In the…

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    Netanyahu and the desperate TX ruling class

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    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to Congress last week, reminding the American political class what leadership and honesty look like from an executive.   His speech was a teachable moment for the Texas political scene. Specifically, Netanyahu’s speech helps bring…

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    The activist left and liberal TX Republicans

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    Recently, the Washington Post reported that the left will be redoubling state level efforts in the coming years through advocacy groups. This is in response to conservatives, who have effectively deployed groups to influence state level politics and policy making. The momentum is going national, as evidenced by the changing tide on the issue of…

  • cut-rob

    TX Racing Commission nearing its end?

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    The Texas Racing Commission may have held its last meeting, a possibility they’ve created through their studied disregard for our proper legislative process. Jane Nelson (R-Denton), the Senate’s chief budget writer, zeroed out the commission’s budget. This was after the TRC dismissed a 2014 letter from Senators advising it not to expand gambling via rulemaking…

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    Texas Citizens Coalition

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    Since launching, the Texas Citizens Coalition has maintained a relatively low profile. Agendawise continues to be contacted about the group and its objective. The group looks to be something of a Texas House cheering section aimed at the conservative grassroots, using very conservative branding. Noticeably missing from the group’s materials is anything about the Texas…

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