Wendy Davis: the gift that keeps on giving

By Weston Hicks | 21 hours ago

Some in the Texas political media outlets most closely associated with the disgraced Battleground Texas are acting really mad that Texas Monthly depicted Wendy Davis in her pink shoes stepping in a cow pie. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Davis made those pink shoes her campaign symbol, and the campaign quickly shipwrecked. Though she played beautifully in parts of the country Texans generally think of as foolish and vain, raising her money there, it was back in the Lone Star State that her shtick went over like a lead balloon.

And since cattle are a symbol of Texas, stepping in cow poop with the pink shoes is pretty much dead-on accurate. Davis impaled by a Longhorn would have been equally spot-on, but we’re glad Texas Monthly showed restraint.

One progressive website was acting horrified, and pushing Davis’s campaign as “an unprecedented progressive movement.” This commentary was off, but not by much. Battleground Texas was an unprecedented progressive bowel movement, and we think Texas Monthly quite captured that with their cover.

Emily Ramshaw during the Texas Tribune Tribcast took the cake, though. After the group lamented that they can’t give Texans the Bum Steer, Emily Ramshaw hilariously said, “I think the cover reeked of misogyny. I’m just gonna go there.”

Could they provide a better example of their fragile natures and sense of entitlement? Racism, er, homophobia, er, sexism! Yeah, sexism! Don’t make fun of us, especially when it’s true!

The really good part was when Ramshaw tried to justify her outlandish claim and could only come up with, “You have this woman (Davis), like, with exacerbated, terrible features (psst, Emily, that’s what caricatures are), you know, stepping in a pile of sh#t. It, just, to me, was, like, you know, felt gross and excessive.”

See, this is why people don’t take progressive victimhood abuse seriously in Texas. This picture allegedly “reeked of misogyny” because it was a caricature, by definition depicting exacerbated, terrible features and doing so excessively, and because it was, like, gross?

Like, really? That’s it?

Later she added that “it was grotesque”.

Her boss Evan Smith grounded the room when he told her that it was not grotesque and that he did not think it was sexist either.

The progressive crying fit being pitched in Texas makes the fight that much sweeter. We get to relive the whole thing again through it, and for that we salute you guys.