Evergreen: When conservatives cash out

This article was originally published December 10, 2012. A conservative is most vulnerable to being recruited by the establishment after finding his or her political ceiling. It is then that a conservative realizes that something besides conviction is now needed in order to turn a political profit. The only thing a conservative possesses of value…

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    Conservatives alert

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    The Texas crony GOP is performing for conservative Texans right now in more ways than one. They are trying very hard this session to erase the line between conservatives and establishment moderates. The reason is simple. They need to lower grassroots defenses against liberal Republicans in preparation for running a Bush for President and a…

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    Dan Patrick leading conservatives

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    Long-standing supporters of raising taxes and increasing spending, and violent opponents of cuts to either, are supporting the House proposal to cut the sales tax. The House sales tax proposal is the ruling class’s easy-to-manipulate political tool designed to mitigate the damage Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick will do to Speaker Joe Straus and his allies…

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    Taxpayer subsidized tuition for illegals

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    Last week the Texas Senate heard a measure to repeal subsidized tuition for illegal immigrants. Consistently, the number one issue for Texans is illegal immigration, and taxpayer-subsidized tuition for illegal immigrants is a magnet for illegal immigration. Speaker Straus has vowed to defend the assignment of our money to subsidize college tuition for illegal aliens.…

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    Americans for Prosperity Texas changing colors

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    This week the Dallas Morning News pointed out conservative groups that are not taking a public stand with Dan Patrick and the conservative grassroots. After writing about a cabal of big business groups banding together to push a sales-tax-cut smokescreen the DMN continues: Peggy Venable, Americans for Prosperity Texas’ longtime leader, last week introduced an…

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    Here’s what they think of you

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    Speaker Joe Straus lackey Representative Joe Picket (D-El Paso) treated conviction conservative Jonathan Stickland like a dog for trying to oppose red light cameras in the Picket-chaired Transportation Committee. It was a revelation of the total contempt the crony establishment has for average Texans, one masked most of the time in flattery and other kinds…

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    Patrick’s opponents getting desperate

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    Dennis Bonnen has been reduced to trying to convince Texans he cares more about border security than Lt. Governor Dan Patrick does, claiming Patrick is “holding border security hostage”. The claim appeared in the Dallas Morning News, and is part of a genuine Joe Straus scheme to hold property tax reform hostage with a lame…

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