“No” is great politics

By Weston Hicks | 1 day ago

When the ruling class wants to spend money conservatives start hearing that we cannot be all about “no”, we have to be for something. This is wrong, and nothing more than an attempt to tilt the playing field in favor of saying “yes” to bad policy

Richard Nixon won a presidential election saying “Peace with honor (no more Vietnam)”.

George Bush the elder won a presidential election saying “Read my lips, no new taxes.”

Ted Cruz was elected Senator in 2012 by tapping into the Tea Party tsunami of 2010, which was one giant “NO!” to President Obama.

“No” is great politics whenever “no” is the correct answer.

The ruling class – conservative relationship in the GOP can be likened to a date between two young people. The ruling class is the young man and conviction conservatives are the young woman. The young man is looking for a “yes”. The young woman knows she should say “no”.

The young woman should be very careful around “friends” who tell her that she needs to figure out how to say “yes” to something; while keeping her purity, of course. Such “friends”, consciously or unconsciously, are taking the young woman’s best defenses away from her. Such friends are like an autoimmune disorder.

“No” is great politics whenever “no” is the correct answer. Anyone saying otherwise is serving the “yes” on bad policy, whatever their motives are.