Regents select McRaven

By Daniel Greer | 3 hours ago

Tuesday evening Admiral William McRaven was named the sole finalist to become the next Chancellor of the University of Texas System.

Following the selection, McRaven is being universally praised and portrayed as a coalition builder. UT is in the throes of a years long power struggle over transparency, spending and favoritism in the admissions process.

The announcement that McRaven was a finalist came in mid June shortly after former Chancellor Francisco Cigarroa forced current President Bill Powers resignation. Since that time little has been written about the Navy Seal, how he views the system as it currently exists or how he intends to steady the situation.

This year McRaven was a YouTube sensation for his commencement speech at UT. The values he relayed resonated with many conservatives. While McRaven wasn’t boycotted, conservative commencement speakers were and have been increasingly excluded from addressing graduation ceremonies.

Politically, McRaven is sure to be a hit with most Texans because he lead the operation that resulted in Osama Bin Laden’s death. In fact, that information may overshadow the fact that he is close to and admires Hillary Clinton, including rumors that he was being considered as a possible running mate.

Last week we wrote about the political giving of some regents to powerful lawmakers interested in protecting the university from reform. According to Watchdog.org Speaker Joe Straus is angry about an outside investigation into admissions favoritism launched by departing Chancellor Cigarroa.

McRaven will now wait a mandated 21 days to be confirmed as the next chancellor. Texans will wait until January 2015 to see him in action.